Bukakke Elyce and Callie

Bukakke Elyce and Callie

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Yet another exciting week at Gangbang Creampie, A lot of you have asked for the cocksmen to bring one of their wives or girlfriends to share with the group and this week Focker brought Eleyce in for what turned out to be another all out fuckfest. Oh wait it gets more interesting because I invited Callie to give her a hand. Callie ended up giving more than a hand. This was only the second time Eleyce has been with a girl but you would never have guessed it. Callie licking the creampies out and the cum kisses were awesome. This is an episode not to be missed. We also did something a little different to add to the fun, some of the members have requested we do a post gangbang creampie interview to see how the girl felt after being pleasured by the cocksmen so we took Callie and Eleyce to a very public patio bar to find out. As we were doing the interview Eleyce said “oh my god I’m still dripping cum from all the creampies.” Callie starting playing with Eleyce’s cum soaked pussy and kissing her, it was something we have not experienced yet and it was really turning the girls on messing around in public. Please make sure to rate and comment on this weeks Gangbang Creampie Episode #50. I’m sure Eleyce and Callie would be glad to have another adventure together at the Station. Your search for High Quality Gangbang and Creampie content is over. I have worked diligently to create the Worlds Best Gangbang Creampie Website. After searching the internet high and low and not finding what I was looking for I decided to create my own high quality Gangbang and Creampie site. The content is shot in Crystal Clear HD and is like no other site in this genre. I personally like to get to know the girls before I take them to get railed by the Cocksmen of GBC. I take each girl out to a public place for a drink or soda while I ask them personal questions about their sex lives, fantasies and why they contacted me to be one of the Gangbang Girls. This is not just a Gangbang site, each girl gets filled up with cum by each of the cocksmen one load after another. At the end of the session we have the girl push the cum out of their pussy into a huge martini glass, then we let her drink the mix of semen that the guys deposited in her pussy.

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