Ceara Lynch – Cheating Toilet

Ceara Lynch – Cheating Toilet

Theres nothing I hate more in this world than a cheater! It disgusts me that a man will lie just to get their dicks wet. Well, Ive captured a married family man who was trying to get me to fuck him. Instead I spiked his drink before having sex and dragged his sorry ass back to my dungeon. You see, I have a special form of punishment for lying cheaters like you. Covered completely in my latex suit except for my luscious red lips and perfect bare ass exposed, he is mesmerized and totally horny for the mysterious woman that has captured him. What he doesnt know is that I plan on making him eat my hot steamy $hit straight from my ass. Now everyone will know (and can smell) that youre nothing but a cheating sack of $hit!

Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 735 MB
Duration : 00:14:34
Resolution : 1440×1080

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