Crotch rope tug of war – latex games

Crotch rope tug of war – latex games

Candle Boxxx and Elizabeth Andrews
Candle and I were working late at the office and decided we were tired of the menial task of filing. We wanted to play games instead. Candle was wearing a latex girdle and nylon stockings with black pumps. I had on a pink latex halter top, black latex waist cincher, sheer nude pantyhose and peep toe pumps. My pantyhose were so sheer that you could definitely tell I wasn’t wearing any panties. I pinched Candle’s nipples and rubbed my hands up and down her body as Mr. Big Boss slid her arms into a leather armbinder.
It was my turn to be laced into a leather armbinder. Candle teased me with her bound leather hands by rubbing the leather between my legs. I giggled and squirmed from the sensation of the leather on my crotch. Candle gave me a big smile and brought the tip of the leather arm binder up to her mouth and licked it with her tongue. She is such a dirty girl!
Next, Mr. Big Boss gagged us. Candle was gagged with a leather body bag gag and I received a ball gag head harness. After the gags, the Boss tied crotch ropes on both of us, leaving a rope tail in the front. He then tied the two tails together, connecting us together. This is where our games began.
We tugged on the ropes, pulling each other around the room, trying to see which of us was stronger. With each pull the crotch rope got tighter and slide further between our legs. I began to drool all over myself and it was distracting me from our game. The crotch rope was dug so deep into my crotch by time we finished our game, I was sore. It was a great distraction to another boring day at the office.

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