Cuckold Fantasies 8-69

Cuckold Fantasies 8-69

In this video we go back in time to when Harmony was still dating Freddy just before they are about to get married….and their lives will never be the same.
Harmony’s fiancée, Freddy, can’t wait to tie the knot today. But as they lie in bed, Harmony lets him know she has a few conditions. Like being able to fuck other guys — starting with Freddy’s best friend and best man, Donny.
Freddy is the monogamous type. He rejects the idea, but a few minutes of Harmony’s mouth on his cock changes his mind.
He pleads for Harmony to let him fuck her before the ceremony. With a sigh of disgusted resignation, she agrees. Freddy excitedly mounts her from behind and slams his dick into her pussy with all his might.
“Is it in?” she asks, unable to even feel his puny dick. Freddy moans and groans as he pounds her, but Harmony can barely contain her boredom.
She decides to call Donny while her husband is fucking her. Her face lights up when Donny answers the phone. Freddy is forced to listen to his soon-to-be wife tell his best man that she can’t wait for Donny to fuck her with his huge cock… while he’s still fucking her!
Before he can cum, Harmony hangs up and shoves Freddy off her.

Now it’s time to get ready for the wedding. The chastity device is locked onto his dick, then Freddy gets to his hands and knees to become a human bench so Harmony can sit at the mirror and apply her make-up.
He brings out her stunning white wedding dress. He dresses her in the wedding garter, the dress, the shoes and the veil, all while Harmony verbally humiliates him by talking about how excited she thinking about fucking the best man and his best friend on their honeymoon! She drops the key to his chastity device into her cleavage and sends him off to get into his suit.
Later that day, they return home from the wedding… husband and wife… and best man!
Harmony orders her new groom to his knees while she rips off Donny’s pants, revealing his foot long cock! Freddy tries in vain to talk her out of this, even as she takes Donny’s schlong in her hands… in her mouth … and all the way down her throat.
She taunts he wimpy husband with Donny’s dick. In a hot POV, she offers to share that huge cock with you, then whips it away. It’s all for her, and she proves it by repeatedly deep throating it down to the balls.
She forces Freddy to get naked and compare his wimpy weenie with Donny’s massive meat. “There is no comparison,” he’s forced to admit. Harmony smacks Freddy, spits on his locked up penis, and orders him to get the marital bed ready.
In the bedroom, Harmony, still in her gown, throws her legs back and makes Freddy lick her pussy, getting it ready for his best friend’s cock. Donny moves in and stuff his dick into Harmony’s pussy. “Oh, your wife’s pussy is tight!”
Freddy whines as he watches his best man fuck his new bride, while he’s forced to kiss her shoes. Between moans of ecstasy, Harmony tortures her husband with ego demolishing taunts. “This is a real man’s cock!” She promises Freddy that his tiny dick is never going to get her in pussy again.

The cruel words stop momentarily while Donny fucks Harmony’s mouth and Freddy is forced to suck and worship her pussy while watching his new wife suck his best friends cock!. But they start up again immediately when Donny takes Harmony doggy style. In a hot POV scene, Harmony looks directly at the camera and tells you just how much better this real man’s cock is than yours. How pathetic you are for letting your wife get away with this, and how small your cock is compared to his.
“I’m going to cum in your wife and get her pregnant,” Donny tells Freddy. “And you’re going to stay home with the kids while we’re off on vacation.” She promises to call, so Freddy will be able to hear them fucking. Donny fucks her really fast and hard now, all the while she is looking in the eyes of her wimp husband, forced to watch at the corner of the bed with his cock locked up in chastity.
Freddy begs her to unlock the chastity device so he can play with his dick. “Only after you eat the cum from my pussy,” she replies.
Harmony rides Donny cowgirl style, mercifully letting Freddy suck her bouncing tits, all the while dishing out tons of verbal abuse. She says some very degrading things, telling him to watch his big cock go in and out of her, where his cock will never go, how she just married him for the money and how she is going to fuck all his friends and whoever she wants.

Next, she turns around and lets him kiss her ass. She has another very intense orgasm. Then it’s back on her back with her legs thrown wide in the air. Freddy begs Donny to not cum inside his wife, but with a roar, that’s exactly what he does. Donny comes really hard and intense in Harmony’s pussy, exploding in it with a huge load of cum.
Harmony plays with her gooey, swollen pussy and orders her husband to lick it out. He laps at it tentatively. She demands that he get in there. “Tongue fuck my cunt!” She sits on his face and squeezes out as much sperm as she can into his mouth. She says things like “Eat the Cum!” Eat it all!
Next, Harmony decides he has been a good boy so far and lets his cock out of the chastity device. But she is not done with him. She sits on his face and smothers him with her pussy and ass telling him to “Suck out every drop of cum from her pussy” as she rides his face in forward and reverse facesitting positions. She has yet ANOTHER ORGASM while riding his face!

Think that’s the end of the action? Think again. She has a surprise for her new groom. A bright red STRAP-ON DILDO to shove up his ass!
“Not again,” Freddy whines. “Head down, ass up,” Harmony orders. He grunts with pain as she slams it into him. He strokes his now free cock as she pounds away at his rectum and spanks his ass. Soon his pain turns to pleasure. “I love your big cock up my ass, sweetie!”
With the dildo reaming his ass, he ejaculates explosively. Harmony squeezes and spanks his still sensitive dick then sends him to get his wallet. She needs to buy Donny a present.

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