Drea Morgan – Go Get Em

Drea Morgan – Go Get Em

Drea Morgan is the ideal slave. Her Master has rigged the perfect devices to keep her just how he wants her. Wearing only a pair of thong panties, she has her legs shackled with handcuffs with an extra long chains which wraps around her knees and a spreader bar that keeps her wrists locked on each end and her neck in the middle. She can just barely walk in her high heels. She stands by patiently as she awaits a demand. Finally, she receives one…”Go get me a cup of coffee!!” She struts into the house eagerly to fetch some coffee and returns with the perfect brew. In preparing his cup of coffee she makes a huge mistake however….she knocks his keys into the deep end of the pool. Furious with her, and not wanting to get wet himself, he tells her she must go in and get the keys as she is. He adds a little weight and some goggles to make it a bit easier, but its no picnic. After some serious struggle, she manages to fetch the keys and return them to her owner… only to find out he enjoyed watching her tremendously.

Format : Windows Media
File Size : 402 MB
Duration : 00:10:50
Resolution : 1440×1080

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