Drea Morgan’s Paraphilias – Self Spread

Drea Morgan’s Paraphilias – Self Spread

In another self bondage segment, Drea is ready to put herself in a predicament. She comes in with rope cuffs on her neck, wrists, and ankles and steps into a canopy rigged with ropes and pulleys. Dutifully, she arranges her safety scissors but quickly moves on to inserting the big gag and attaching herself to the points around her. She starts with the ankle cuffs, once those are attached we see that she has rope pulled through a ratchet that pulls on her ankles and makes her legs spread wide. She measures the perfect height to still be able to reach the hitachi in front of her…on tiptoes. Then she attaches her neck cuff to an overhead pulley. As she tightens, her neck is pulled on and reaching for the hitachi becomes more difficult, just like she wants it. She makes a few extra pulls just in case. Finally, she attaches her wrist cuffs, and with a bit of effort, she pulls her wrists as high as she can make them go. Fully self spread. Now, it’s time to play.
I just hope she can reach those scissors at the end!

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