Emily Addison On screen full body taping

Emily Addison On screen full body taping

First He puts panty hose over head and then stuff gags her before widing tape around her head to hold the gag in place her feet are taped with black electrical tape followed by her legs. The wrappings are tight and secure. Next her arms are taped in place along with the rest of her upper body.., She is humiliated and then infuriated. She screams into her gag, He winds more tape around her head making sure she cant be heard, he then places her on the floor. She rolls around the floor trying to escape her bonds. He leaves her there shuting her in the room alone. Will she Escape!

Format : Windows Media
File Size : 266 MB
Duration : 00:26:39
Resolution : 640×480

Download from Keep2share : http://k2s.cc/file/2c91c1ff759a8/Emily_Addison_On_screen_full_body_taping.wmv

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