Family Business

Family Business

Starring: Lindsey Sinclaire, Gianna Roland, Nicolette Collins,
& Danielle Allen

What should she do? When Shelley Thomas discovers her brother has been smuggling drugs thru the family business she knows what she has to do. But her brother knows her plans–and has a plan of his own!!

Leaving for work, the sexy young woman is chloroformed in her car and awakes in a dirty basement–tightly bound and gagged!! Terrified, she is forced to tell her captor that she has shared her information with her two best friends–Maria & Annie. As Shelley sits cruelly bound, she hears plans being made to abduct her friends.

Dragged from the basement, she is taken to Annie’s house where she and Maria are being held captive—by her sister!!! Gagged into silence, her two friends are helpless as they await their fate!!!

With four of our most popular models–tight bondage–and LOTS of pantyhose — plus a nude scene–here’s an offer you can’t refuse!!!

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