Gigi vs Angel – The Fight

Gigi vs Angel – The Fight

Gigi and Angel are among the most reliable and submisive slaves of the elite club.
Now it is time for them to show us who is number one?
Which can take the most pain?
We actually feel pity for them during the shooting of this movie

We have two girls Gigi and Angel competing for which one is the better slave we have four rounds of play

First round we see the durability of the girls to pain, we have a man using a whip on the girls.Τhe girl offers a part of her body to be whipped as many times as she can, the other girl has no contact (can’t see or hear the girl who is getting whipped due to blindfold and the ears are pluged)
well the points are calculating by the part of the body they offer and the number of whips

Second Round same as the first round only that the man is using a stick to hit the girls.Again the girls one by one pass this test while one girl is gettig hit by the stick the other girl has no idea whats happening (can’t see or hear the girl who is getting whipped due to blindfold and the ears are pluged)

Third Round now the guy ties the girl and he uses a shotgun with air bullets to hit the girls also the maximum hits are 50 so if both girls endure all hits then it is a draw (the girl who is waiting her turn is in another room for this round so once again she has no idea how many hits took the first girl)

Final Round final round both girls competing at the same time. The girls have placed a potentiometer at their pussy’s the girl who will get the right position and be able to hold it for a minute is the winner.
I forgot to mention that the girl’s pussy are getting wet with water before they start the challenge

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