Nude Chair Tie for Rachel Part 2

Nude Chair Tie for Rachel Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Rachel is tightly cleave gagged before her Captor adds more opes. He adds a chest harness and ties her more securely to the chair as well. The snot and drool start running down Rachel’s face as her ankles are tied to a ring bolted to the floor and then up to a rung in the chair. Her gag is then made even tighter after black tape is wrapped on top of the ace bandage. After a while the gag is removed and replaced with an open mouth variety. Her whimpers intensify as her nipples are clamped and tied tight to her thighs. By this time, drool has run all down her chest and pussy, and is puddling on the chair. Her elbows are drawn together and tied before her wrists are tied to a lower rung on the

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