Office Bound Duo

Office Bound Duo

Enchantress Sahrye & Elizabeth Andrews

Sahrye and Lizz are seated in their office Lizz on her computer typing up some reports and Sahrye checking some documents when they suddenly hear a noise. Sahrye runs to check it out and unbeknownst to Lizz is gagged and returned to the room when she sees her again. He forces Sahrye over to Lizz and they both put their hands up in fear. When the fade lifts they are both tied to chairs and Lizz is swiftly mouth packed and gagged. They struggle and yell through the gags angrily at him trying to figure out a way around the situation they are in but to no avail. The man leaves them there and they struggle even moving the chair side by side where they try to untie each other. Eventually the man returns and grabs the laptop and Sahrye’s documents before heading out of the room leaving them once again to struggle angrily.

Scene two they have been moved to the couch in the break room and their shirts have been opened and breasts pulled out of the cups of their bras. With a bit more mobility this time they struggle around with Sahrye trying to get down to the floor to untie some knots but they are too tightly bound for increasingly less nimble fingers to untie. They struggle and moan and move around the living room but sadly for them can’t manage to help each other. Flashing out of their bondage scenario again the man has untied them but left the gags in place. They realize why when he orders them to undress each other before retying them topless and still in their pantyhose. They continue trying to free each other before finally realizing the fruitlessness of their effort.

Scene three both women have been transported to another room where they are bound and gagged on a bed in a bedroom. Sahrye’s gag is now clear tape with mouth packing and Lizz’s has been replaced with silver tape and mouth packing. Both women are still bound tightly though and still trying to free each other. Struggling around they try everything. Untying knots, rubbing each other’s gags off with their faces, untying with their heels but nothing seems to work. Finally after Sahrye loses her shoes Lizz gets lucky and finds the pick on a knot untying her ankles. Sahrye gets to work untying lizz’s ankles after she loses her shoes and they are up on their feet and off to escape. Before they can get out of the room however the man returns and tells them to stop. He hogties them both this time on the floor and they are returned to their predicament. This time however to prevent nimble fingers he’s wrapped each lady’s hand in electrical tape. Both women struggle around a bit before the man returns and starts spanking each lady creating squeals of horror and protest. He takes out a cell phone and leaves it on the floor in front of them letting them try to call someone to save them. They struggle over to the phone trying to find a way to dial it but the man returns one more time for some ass smacking before leaving them to hopefully find their own way out.

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