Poison Ivy Nails Batchick Again

Poison Ivy Nails Batchick Again

So it seems that Poison’s control over Batchick was reversed by Batman. Ivy wants her little pet back but she’s got to break her first and get some other information that she’s been wanting to find out. Ivu uses her vicious long sharp nails to rake and tickle the hell out of batchick’s stocking and bare soles for a very long time!! Batchick is one of the most ticklish superheroines around and clearly it’s one of her major weaknesses. Poison relentlessly exploits that weakness as she questions her about how she got released from Ivy’s mind control and also about something that’s she’s heard. It seems that another super villianess is going around trying to convert the good girls to her side, the very sexy and devious Catwoman. Anyway, Ivy just continues to relentlessly torture Batchicks feet as she laughs from total hysteria. Ivy rolls her over and thoroughly attacks batchick’s sides and underarms. It’s tickle hell for poor Batchick who’s too weak from laughter to resist! As Ivy is busy torturing her captive she doesn’t notice that there’s someone else watching. Catwoman barges in using her knock out potion to render Ivy unconscious. Batchick is happy and believes she’s about to be rescued. Instead Catwoman sits on her and begins her own foot raking tickle torture as she’s questioned a bit. The breif but intense tickling is over and Catwoman leaves her tied up as she drags Poison out of room for some punishment of her own.

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