Princess Cindi – Sexy Assasin

Princess Cindi – Sexy Assasin

Well, Well Well, here he is… The rich guy that thought I was an Escort. (Ha! What a laugh!) Well, I just place that fake escort AD so I can scope out the homes of rich suckers like him. I figure they deserve to be abused, t0rtured, and robbed for being such pervs and obviously not respecting Women! Plus, I kinda get my kicks t0rturing losers just in general, LOL. First I get him all worked up so he will agree to play my “kinky game”. I handcuff him and push him back onto the bed as I explain the rest of my plan- to ROB HIM BLIND! (He doesn’t seem to like that part! LOL) I already took his pocket cash and then go for the safe. I love when they resist- thats why I brought my high voltage Ball Shocker with me. It ALWAYS works to get the info I need out of my v1ct1ms! As they smell the electrical burns shooting through what’s left of their testicles, these losers always give me the code to their precious safe. But soon after I get that cash I grow bored and need a little more excitement…so for ME, that means it’s time to end his life! (I love playing with loser’s lives- literally.) But after all, this idiot has seen my face so I CAN’T let him live- even though he “PROMISES” he won’t turn me in…but I just can’t take that chance! And honestly, facesitting a chauvinist p1gg until he dyes right underneath my ass is the most fun part of this whole thing for me!

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