Roped and ravaged

Roped and ravaged

Yee-haw! Welcome Ms. Vega! This sultry babe is one hot little number! We don’t know where Dan finds women THIS hot willing to do this kind of wild bondage, but we are damn glad he does!

Let’s let Dan tell us a little about this tape since we, uh, need our hands free!

“Victoria is pushed into Dan’s playroom, hands bound behind her back, wearing a crisp white blouse, a very business like pinstriped skirt (except for it’s length!) black thigh highs (the tops of which can just barely be seen beneath her skirt) and sexy black heels. She is the perfect vision of the prick-tease business woman you see on the streets of every major city.

Dan attaches a leather collar around her neck and snaring that collar with the overhead hook he pulls her neck toward the ceiling to make sure she stays in place. He fondles Victoria’s ample body roughly as her skirt continues to ride up her thighs. Taking a huge black ballgag he stuffs it tightly between her pouting lips.

Grasping the front of her white blouse in his clenched fists, Dan pulls the garment roughly open exposing a frilly pink and black lace bra hidden beneath the crisp white blouse. Dan roughly kneads and mauls her chest, slapping the tender flesh roughly so that the force of the blow shudders through the flesh of her heavy breasts.”

In a bondage video it’s the details that make one tape great and another so-so. We particularly liked the way you see the buttons pop off and go flying when Dan rips off Victoria’s blouse. And then when he slaps those great tits… Well, we just love to watch boobies bounce!

Of course we all know what Dan’s gonna do when faced with some great tits, and he doesn’t dissapoint us…!

“Then Dan gathers rope and begins to fit Victoria with one of his tight rope bras. Victoria’s deep dark eyes widen in awe and fright as she watches as Dan wraps loop after loop of cruel, constricting cord around her proud tits. Soon they are bulging excitingly, trapped by the cruel rope. To keep Victoria’s desperately twisting hands out of the way he uses another rope to pull her wrists up her back by attaching them to her rope bra.”

Ain’t no boobies that don’t look better in rope! And this slutty little babe’s boobs were pretty damn great to start with!

Dan pulls off her her skirt and after yanking her panties in to her cunt once or twice, pulls those off too and…

“Victoria has a diamond stud piercing the thin flesh of her clitoral hood! The stud sparkles in it’s wonderful setting!

Taking the black ball gag from her mouth and telling her that’s it time she had a taste of what she always wants other to sample Dan stuffs the damp panties roughly between Victoria’s teeth. Several stips of clear plastic tape hold the sexy undergarment in place while at the same time allowing you to see Victoria’s mouth as she helplessly bites into the soft cloth.”

We love those panty stuffing scenes. Especially since Dan always makes it a point to ‘season’ them a bit first with a nice sharp tug or two. What could be more hot than a woman with her own tasty panties stuffed in her mouth.

Of course Dan has to add a crotch rope! And then he lets Victoria suffer. Lucky us, we get to watch!

“Victoria continues to moan and chew on the panties until they are soaked through and saliva coats the majesty of her swollen, purpling breasts. She shifts her feet back and forth trying to find a position that allows her some comfort, but this only causes the severe crotch rope to shift in her womanhood. Her fingers grasp the air helplessly and her large, bold brown eyes plead with the camera for release.

And you will enjoy every moment of this delicious torment; studying every inch of this voluptuous sweetheart’s body from many angles and via many close-ups. Once again as you see the way Victoria moves her hips and hear the sounds she makes you will began to wonder just exactly what Victoria is really feeling as she stands bound for your amusement.”

Like the man sez, Victoria’s eyes scream ‘ouch’, but the way she rolls her hips around and those sexy sounds she makes have to make you wonder if maybe the little lady ain’t actually enjoying that tight rope up her puss!

Next Victoria’s in a sexy black corset, thigh highs and black heels. A nice harness gag adds a little color. It’s time for, you got it!, the horsey ride!

“Once again we get to study this predicament from many different camera angles including many exciting close-ups of her delicious sex. Victoria’s pussy is a revelation almost seeming to have a life of its own. Every time she rocks her hips back and forth you will see her sweet lips actually appear to suck the harsh wood back inside her. And that lovely diamond stud shows you just how deeply her sex is embracing this cruel intruder!

Finally exhaustion sets in and Victoria struggles slow as her head slumps forward in defeat.”

Dan ain’t kidding about the way this hot mama moves. We think her sweet pussy should have to apply for it’s own social security card. I mean, that little mound of flesh has real personality!

Dan next has Victoria with her legs spread, wrists thrown over a bar overhead and attatched to her pussy by a great crotch rope. Time for some serious whuppin’!

“Then Dan begins to flog the front of Victoria. First he uses the small red flogger, then moves on to the longer, heavier blue one. Finally the heavy black leather flogger is brought out to really work her body over.

As usual Dan devots a lot of attention to her breasts and abdomen. However the amount of time spent on Victoria’s very vulnerable and exposed sex is unusual. Via numerous close-ups you will actually see the labia quiver and roil under the impact of many harsh and unyeilding blows. Even Victoria’s pussy is not spared the embrace of Dan’s heaviest flogger!”

He really does have lots of great close ups of her cute little fur pie actually twisting and vibrating as he whacks it! You gotta see this action to believe it! Then like he was roasting a chicken or something her turns her around…

After some preliminary fun with the flogger and a crop…

“Dan breaks out a huge brown leather paddle and after letting Victoria feel a quick blow from this nasty toy he compels her to pick a number. Unhappy with her underestimation of what she can take Dan multiplies her number. He forces her to count each blow and say ‘Thank you, sir’ after each one. She receives several extra blows because her response is too slow.”

Victoria is really sexy as she wiggles her ass while Dan whacks the hell out of it. And this is one super fine ass! We love the way Victoria keeps thrusting it back towards the camera. Aye carumba!

Next Dan has some fun with suspension. He uses her own crotch rope to hold her feet up from the floor. Dan is NOT a nice guy!

“You’ll delight in watching sweet Victoria twist and pirouette as she hangs from the ceiling. She constantly shifts her legs trying to ease the pressure of the evil rope tormenting and abrading her most sensitive flesh. As you look into her panic stricken eyes you’ll have no doubt just how unhappy sweet Victoria is.”

Next is time for fun with wax! Victoria is spread wide open as she waits for some heat! (We think she’s hot enough already, but OK, we like wax too!)

“Telling her he offers ‘protection from the cold’ Dan pours the first of many pillar candles full of wax across the proud swell of Victoria’s breasts. She arches and twists in pain and frustration. However that reaction is nothing compared to the gyrations she performs when Dan pours his second candle between her wonderfully spread legs. You actually see the wax run across the sweet lips of her sex. … Dan leaves her there, caked in a multi-colored layer of cooling wax and we study the stunning beauty of this voluptuous creature as we fade out on Victoria. For now!”

This is one fine and spicy latin lovely and Dan really gives her the business.

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