scissors and humiliation

scissors and humiliation

It’s been quite a while since we last worked with the always GORGEOUS Skylar Rene and we finally got the opportunity to do so again when the Cali-girl decided to visit the east coast and Florida.

Skylar is known for many things such as her striking good looks, her perfectly tanned skin and of course those big, powerful legs and amazing butt!

She’s also known for her nice 6-pack abs and during this visit she was as fit as we’ve ever seen her!

This was our newbie victim’s first shoot for ScissorVixens and his first encounter with Skylar Rene. Talk about tossing the poor guy into the DEEP END head first…literally!

This was also a custom video request in which Skylar Rene asks for the help of a guy who supposedly knows self-defense and fighting techniques in her preparation to take on a former bully that hasn’t seen her for years.

Skylar plans on getting the bully to agree to a handicap match by tying his hands behind his back so she starts out doing just that with the trainer who by now seems to recognize her from somewhere.

After noticing how big and powerful Skylar’s thighs are the trainer suggest that she use her legs to do most of the damage and that’s exactly what Skylar Rene does…to him!

“Ahhhh…I see that you don’t recognize me!” Skylar tells the shocked trainer.

“Remember how you used to pick on me and beat me up when we were much younger!?. You’re the bully I’m going to DESTROY!”.

Skylar takes his advice and starts to squeeeeeze the daylights out of the helpless man all the while his hands are tied behind his back.

After about 10 minutes he pleads for her to untie his hands to which she agrees.

“Now that I’ve squeezed the life out of you for the past 10 minutes I don’t think you have enough fight left in you to stop me from squeezing you some more!”.

After freeing his hands the now lifeless former bully shows no sign of being able to fight back and endures several more minutes of CRUSHING scissor torture between Skylar Rene’s brutal thighs!

So for all you boy-bullies out there you may want to think twice about picking on that neighborhood girl down the street because sometimes they grow up to be big, powerful women like Skylar Rene in ‘I’m The BULLY Now!’.

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