Serene Ties Lots of Ladies – Compilation

Serene Ties Lots of Ladies – Compilation

GG & Serene – Questionable Work Ethics

GG and I have been working together for a while. She’s a giant stick in the mud though. She actually got promoted because she “worked hard” and “excelled at her job”. Since when did that matter? It’s supposed to be all about what you can do on your back and your knees, not your actual qualifications. I couldn’t believe they gave her the promotion over me, after all the crap I’ve had to go through for the men in upper management. I guess you could say I was a little bitter…but let it never be said that I’m not resourceful.

GG and I are having a little chat on the desk when I mention her promotion. She says thank you and I make sure to point out that I did NOT tell her congratulations; after all, that job should have been mine. When she tries to insist that I congratulate her, I can’t take it and proceed to tell her exactly that I think about her promotion. We banter back and forth for a bit longer but when she tells me that I’m supposed to be reporting to her now, I can’t take it. I grab some rope beside me and quickly grab her arms, pulling them behind her back, and after some struggling, manage to get them tied behind her.

Hannah & Serene – Bitch Goes Bye Bye

Hannah is sitting at her house checking out her nails in her slutty little skirt and top looking pretty pleased with herself over her new promotion. It should have been mine. I worked my ass off for the company and when that didn’t work, I even tried lowering myself to dressing slutty at the office. Apparently, Hannah had been spending some time working below them so to speak. I was outraged! I grabbed a bag of supplies and headed straight to her house. I came through the door and immediately grabbed her pulling her arms behind her. She asks what I’m doing and claims she got the position based on her own merit. BULL !

I hold on tight to her arms while she tries to pull away, threatening to have the cops arrest me. I reposition her body so I can straddle her ass, pinning her body flat. I wrap rope around her elbows and start circling the rope while I tell her about her new little trip and the little letter she’s going to leave resigning and apologizing for the short notice of her departure. I pull another piece of rope from my purse and bind her wrists together. She tries to wiggle out from under me but I lift her back up. She keeps saying that I won’t get away with this, but I think I just might.

Candle & Serene – The Cat is Away

Candle’s boyfriend is a little on the vanilla side, so when he goes out of town, she comes to visit me to indulge in a few of her kinkier fantasies. With a body like hers at my finger tips, I’m not going to complain. I find her already waiting for me dressed in a very sexy black and blue bra and panty set, black stockings, and sexy black ankle strap high heels, talk about eye candy.

I come in with my bag of goodies for the night, filled with rope, gags, and even nipple clamps! We engage in a little girly chitchat while I uncoil the first bundle of rope. I get her to turn around and start by winding the first piece of rope tightly around her elbows as a big smile comes across her lips. I run my hand up her thigh and then slide her beautiful breasts out of their confining cups, noticing her nipples are already perky. I then add a rope to her wrists as well.

I continue adding rope to Candle, her thighs, and ankles each get a rope, and one more leading from the nipple clamps down to her ankles to keep her in a seated ball tie. The final touch is a giant red ball gag that she greedily opens her mouth to accept. Once she’s all secure, I tell her that I’m going to go grab a glass of water and I’ll be right back.

Lola – The Other Woman Gets Dealt With

Lola is sitting at home enjoying a little R & R when I burst through the door. She’s been sleeping with my husband and I’m tired of it! When she turns to face me, I shove her to her knees on the floor, pulling her arms behind her back. I throw out a number of insults calling her a slut, tramp, bitch, etc for screwing around with a married man. I loop some rope around her elbows pulling them together to bind them while she tries to come up with an excuse. She tells me that maybe if I paid more attention to him he wouldn’t sleep around, I reply back with maybe if you got off his cock then I could.

Lola tries to pull away from me while I tie her arms and I jerk her back to the floor several times. She tries to rock back into me and I wrap my arm around her throat until she stops fighting. I gather some more rope to bind her wrists and ankles as well. I don’t want her wandering off after all.

Lila & Serene – Kinky Escorts Bad Client

Lila and I arrive at our client’s house, dressed in skintight clothing that hugs every curve. We stand close to each other, running our hands over each other’s bodies while we ask him what he’d like to see. He asks me if I brought my rope with me, which I did as he requested. Lila and I often get these requests, we arrive together and put on a bit of a show, I tie her up, then torment, and tease her with the help of our client. This allows us to give the client what he wants, while still maintaining our safety.

Our client asks me to start with her elbows first and I grab my first bundle and pull her arms so close together that her forearms touch and then bind them in place. He has me help her to her knees and then tie her wrists together as well. Lila smiles as she enjoys the feeling of rope holding her arms tight behind her back. Next, he requests a ball gag and I grab one from my bag and tell Lila to open wide, pushing the ball deep in her mouth, pulling the straps tight, and buckling it in place.

Our client then asks me to give her a few swats on the ass and I raise her arms out of the way and give her a few good spanks with my hand until she moans into the gag. Her ankles are then get tied tightly together. His next request is for me to pull down the top of her dress to expose her breasts, I pull down the top and take her left nipple in my mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with my tongue. I do the same for her other breast, while I run my hands over her hips and ass. He has me lower her down to the floor so I can tie her in a nice hogtie. I roll her on her side, pull her dress up, and continue running my hands over her body, pinching her nipple firmly between my fingers.

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