Shirt Pulled Up and Over

Shirt Pulled Up and Over

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I was lounging about the house, just getting tired enough to think about going to bed. When Forest had a different thought. He said would just tie me in a simple hog tie, just use a couple of ropes. I thought sure why not! But I wasn’t prepared for how simple yet effective this tie was. My hands were tied behind my back and then a rope around my ankles. He then rolled up one his wool, cotton blend socks and shoved it in my mouth. He then secured it with electrical tape, he did it so tightly that my tooth started digging into the inside of my lip. He continued around my head and over my hair. Without even giving me a second to protest my shirt came up over my head as a hood, causing me to be blind. Then the tape continued around my head and over my eyes. Now that I was gagged and blind folded he could finish what he started. I was hogtied with one single long rope, that made its way around my ankles, my wrists, around my head and over my eyes and then finally tied off ever so accurately around my toes. And with just 3 ropes I wasn’t going anywhere.

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