Terra Mizu – Terra’s Legs Spread Hogtie – Part 2

Terra Mizu – Terra’s Legs Spread Hogtie – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… More rope is added to Terra. A rope is tied to the middle of the spreader bar and is pulled forward to the post in front of Terra. A rope is tied to her upper body harness and is attached to a block and tackle. She is slowly arched using the hoist. Her gag is removed and her hair is tied back. A large roll od gauze is shoved in her mouth and taped in place, before the nose hooks are applied. I eventually remove her heels and incorporate her big toes into the bondage. I give the soles of her feet a few smacks. The tender area of her ass cheeks get a little attention as well. By the way she whines, twitches, and whimpers, I don’t believe she like this kind of attention. I leave Terra to endure her bondage. After a while I return, but It’s not to release Terra… I just forgot to turn off the lights.

Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 613 MB
Duration : 00:27:38
Resolution : 1280×720

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