Wunder Woman – Broken Will

Wunder Woman – Broken Will

Wunder Woman has come to bring Lexx Luther to justice. First she is taken down by one of his robot guards but she rallies and uses the power of her muscular thighs to crush her enemy. Then she confronts Luther himself. He tries to use his mind control device but WW is too strong willed, so he takes her (and himslef) down with a gas bomb. Another of his robots comes and carries WW away.
WW wakes up fully restrained, and Luther explains that he must weaken and exhaust her until she cannot resist his mind control device. He doesn’t want to damage her wonderful body, so he compells her to cum, and then uses the device again. Each time WW manages to resist, but it is harder and harder. Finally WW is too weak to resist, and Luther has her under his total control

Format : Windows Media
File Size : 1.80 GB
Duration : 00:40:40
Resolution : 1280×720

Download from Keep2share : http://k2s.cc/file/cd0a669c5878f/Wunder_Woman_-_Broken_Will.wmv

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